Author: Lorenz

[Upgrading Spaceship]

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Hey Guys,

I’ve been figuring out a way to visualise the upgrading progression for the spaceship. Since We’re working with a spacestation, recently renamed to “the citadel”, I though about showing icons around the spacestation that shows your progression of the upgrades already aquired. There are 5 upgrade possibilities; Health, Defence, Attack, FireRate and TravelSpeed. You can also repair your ship with the repair button. Every time you upgrade the next level of your progression shows.

[ART] Simple readable Planet capture

Hey Guys, This week some friends & colleges tested out our game, and some flaws came to light. In General the main problems where UI Based, Visuales that guided the player in playing the game as it’s intended. One issue that frustrated me the most was that there was no clear way of seeing if a planet was captured or not? So I introduced a hex-grid system that allows you to see which grid is from wich player by changing color upon capture. I’m working with Karel on this, however we are trying to avoid losing the feel of space in our game and in particular the rasterized effect. Below are some test pictures so far on introducing our hex-grid system.gridtest5gridtest4gridtest3gridtest2gridtest1

[ART] Bullet Changes

Hey guys, I’ve also changed the previouse bullets with a particle effect wich was more problametic than i thought because adding a box trigger collision to this particle effect made the particle dessapear/ kill itself. After some help from Karel everything turned out fine eventualy.

[ART] introduced some UI ellements

Hey guys, i’ve made some new ui ellements, it was important to keep the designs simpel so the player could easely see what it represents. I’ve introduced the build ui set in unity it still needs refining though. The player ui was already created months ago but we’ve decided to introduce this aswel.