[Upgrading Spaceship]

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Hey Guys,

I’ve been figuring out a way to visualise the upgrading progression for the spaceship. Since We’re working with a spacestation, recently renamed to “the citadel”, I though about showing icons around the spacestation that shows your progression of the upgrades already aquired. There are 5 upgrade possibilities; Health, Defence, Attack, FireRate and TravelSpeed. You can also repair your ship with the repair button. Every time you upgrade the next level of your progression shows.

[ART] Main Menu, New Factories, Particles

Worked on the menu this week, adding particles such as the faling stars in the background. Also working on the spaceship waypoints, that are currently still a WIP.
Also made some new factory meshes, will be added in soon.


[ART] tech art

Hi guys, this week i continued some more tech art in adition of space station design, modeling, animation and implementation.
the techy stuf i did this week was fixing the Lut’s a little more, added overal more lighting on foreground elements, tweaked the explosion particle effect and implemented it (still spawns on the wrong position). tweaked some materials in favour of visability.
I also added the pirate models into the pirate prefab wich is long overdue.

See you next week!

[Dev] Game Mechanics and Camera

Hey guys,

I forgot to write a blog post last week, so this blog post is about that week as well.

I threw out the splitscreen and implemented a camera that always has the two players in screen. The only problem right now is that it snaps when one of the players respawn.
I also had to fix controller input again, hopefully for the last time.

This week, I presented the idea of a base for each player. If you put in enough resources, the base charges a laser that destroys the other player’s base, and any planets in it’s path! For now, the planets just disappear without any effects, but I hope we can make it more spectacular in future updates.

How it works now is that both players spawn at their base. They can win the game if they destroy the other player’s base. This can be done by simply shooting at it, quite often. Or placing the factories to gather resources, and using these resources to power the death ray, which destroys the base instantly.

Once this fully works, we plan on expanding the base’s functionality by allowing the player to upgrade their weapons at the base. The base will also require a bit of tweaking and testing to see how much resources it requires, and whether it destroys the other base in one go, or does maybe only half damage.

[DEV] Big update

Hey guys!

It’s been ages since I made a blog post, but a lot has been achieved in the past few weeks. Since last Wednesday, our fellow students got to test the game, we wanted to have a good, properly working prototype.

The reason I’ve been of the grid, is because I’ve been rewriting the majority of our code. After finding a few bugs in the core of our code, I decided it was time to just have a big cleanup. It took me a lot of time, but the results were quite surprising. We had a huge boost in performance, and a lot of bugs we had been trying to resolve, are all gone!

I also had to fix part of the UI, after we implemented our old unreal UI. It was nothing major, but the results make our game look a lot better!

Once that was done, I wanted to implement networking to fix our issue with the split screen, but due to the limited time we had for the game testing in class, we decided it’d be better if we just went for a 2-player camera, which Timothy added.

The testing went pretty well, and we received a lot of great feedback. Mostly about player feedback. This was partly because we had just switched to the new 2-player camera, which forced us to leave out some features, making some things not very clear.
After hearing the feedback, I got back to work. I’ve been working together with Lorenz trying to make our controls more visible. So far what I’ve done is make a little image appear as you come close to a planet that you own (I also added planet capturing, a feature we kind of just forgot about), which shows the button to press to go to the build mode. Lorenz also came up with the idea to add a hexagon grid, so we’ve been testing around with it, and so far I kind of like the results, but we will have to discuss these changes with our other teammates first.

Currently I’m also working on implementing object pooling for all our frequently used prefabs, such as bullets and enemies. This will give us some more increase in performance, so I figured I’d do it, as I was working on the enemies anyway (working on making them respawn, experimenting with random respawn locations vs set locations).

Big wall of text, and no screenshots? Well, not much to show this time, sorry! See you next time.

Cheers, Karel


[ART] Simple readable Planet capture

Hey Guys, This week some friends & colleges tested out our game, and some flaws came to light. In General the main problems where UI Based, Visuales that guided the player in playing the game as it’s intended. One issue that frustrated me the most was that there was no clear way of seeing if a planet was captured or not? So I introduced a hex-grid system that allows you to see which grid is from wich player by changing color upon capture. I’m working with Karel on this, however we are trying to avoid losing the feel of space in our game and in particular the rasterized effect. Below are some test pictures so far on introducing our hex-grid system.gridtest5gridtest4gridtest3gridtest2gridtest1

[ART] Color lookup, asteroid implementation, menu fixing

This week i faced some major problems while trying to open the project in the editor. this didn’t just affect me, also Nicolas. Together with Karel we figured out that this can be fixed by deleting the Metadata folder.

After loosing a lot of time, i re-implemented the menu screen. since a large chunk of the code was rewritten again. this time i also added new asteroids, with a simple rotation script to create some animo in the main menu. later on some ships will join the screen.

Since we got some feedback on the contrast and colors in the game, i researched on how to use color lookup tables within the engine and implemented it.

current menu screen:

Color correction