[ART] Bullet Changes

Hey guys, I’ve also changed the previouse bullets with a particle effect wich was more problametic than i thought because adding a box trigger collision to this particle effect made the particle dessapear/ kill itself. After some help from Karel everything turned out fine eventualy.

[ART] Main Menu, Mines, Rockets

In the last week I worked on several things, including the main menu, alongside Sander.0e59ddc7c66488b201db1a79a7d7e4cf1

The below pictured props are spacemines and cluster rockets, who will each have their different effect in differentiating between different types of spaceships attacks.
Wether these can be purchased by spending resources or unlocked by progressing is still to be seen.

[Dev] Arrow fixed and buildshader implemented

I had two final deadlines this week so I didn’t do as much as I wanted to, but this week I implemented a buildshader that constructs factories when you build them. While they are being constructed, the player does not receive the production yet. Build time is set on 10 seconds. The buildshader is not implemented in the build yet, because a new build was made with refactored code.

I also fixed the arrow, which now always points towards the other player without doing weird stuff


[ART] introduced some UI ellements

Hey guys, i’ve made some new ui ellements, it was important to keep the designs simpel so the player could easely see what it represents. I’ve introduced the build ui set in unity it still needs refining though. The player ui was already created months ago but we’ve decided to introduce this aswel.




[ART] Setting mood and atmosphere

this week i did a lot tweaking to the main background. i edited the particle systems so the look moor like nebulas, and i added a paralax star system. this was mainly achieved using particle,  systems.  i also did the  Main menu with basic scripts that switches levels.

I also added the previous ui (from unreal) ingame.

[ART] Level design, Throwing everything together

this week my main task was to create a good playable level, with the current assets. i tried different designs. it finally boiled down to this: 

as you can see i also created new background elements and new planets.
we also didn’t want to have invisible walls, so i created a blockout asteroid belt. this is going to be replaced by a full fledged particle effect..

see ya next week!